3 audio lessons • workbook • complete downloads

Wait, what?! A training before we even start with the modules?

Yes, an entire training, valued at €497, as a gift just to get you primed for what’s to come. Because the deeper you dive into what you WANT, what you came here to do on this planet, the easier it will be to find the courage that is required for the rest!

What now? Courage?! Yes. Courage. But hey, you know what actually takes way more courage? To just stay put and slowly die the painful death of NOT fulfilling your purpose. Why that takes courage? Because NOT being proud of who you are, NOT helping as many people as you possibly can, NOT bringing all of what you are and can be to the table is simply being RUDE, impolite, selfish, boring and pretty much – lets say it like it is – egoistic.

Yes, I know, I know. You are doing it ‘for all the right reasons’. Well you know what, it still sucks in the end!

So let’s muster all that courage together, find some empathy and compassion for your intentions, and do it the way that ACTUALLY works shall we? For ALL people involved!

We’re about to start on the journey that turn everything around. Let’s do it thoroughly. Let’s start priming ourselves with this pre-training. You wouldn’t want to do a heavy workout without proper warming up now would you?

So included below you’ll find three audio lessons and a complete 12-page workbook. Some people could spend 3 months on this part alone all by itself. DON’T! 🙂

Just grab a pen, listen and intuitively start writing. STOP overthinking and start letting it out of your system. Just write. Download it on paper. We’ll work with it later!



Questions, lists and more questions…

Bringing it all together

3 audio lessons • workbook • complete downloads

Ready for change? Dive straight in!

Three months from now you’re paradigm will have shifted like you would never have imagined possible!


“Start with why…”

The beliefs that drive all our decisions:


What is your mission?

The beliefs that drive all our decisions:


How do you bring it to life.

The beliefs that drive all our decisions:

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