I should be able to do this on my own

Look, if you would have been able to do this on your own, you probably would have everything the way you want by now! In the seminar we’ll work on getting clarity and on your priorities. And even if you think you know your priorities, this module is often the highest game changer for everyone. Let’s be honest: if you really knew, you wouldn’t be struggling, would you?

I am not in the place to change at this moment, I first need to do.......

This is the exact pattern that has been keeping you stuck. You know that deep down. Your mind tries to convince you that ‘you know’, but if you really knew, wouldn’t you have figured it out by now?

I don't have time. I have so much on my plate, I simply don't know how to carve time out to breathe, let alone to work on my Inner Game for three whole months!!

I get it. Your stuck. But honestly, if you really want change, you need to start somewhere. It really only takes two days for it. Promised. If you don’t cut that time out, then you are right. Don’t bother. But if you are serious, schedule this NOW (I’m SERIOUS!)

I will never be able to get more done - I am working overtime as it is - so my finances can never change whatever I change ...

You are probably used to trading hours for dollars and not leveraging your business. And maybe that is the way you want to keep working. But have you ever realised that if you lack energy and focus, you will never be able to raise your fees, let alone be effective at what you do? You NEED to take care of yourself. No one else will. And your family depends on you.
You probably think you know what is keeping your finances stuck: not enough work and not enough time. But really, do you think rich people work 24 hours a day?
The truth is: you DON’T know what is keeping you stuck, and THAT is why you it’s staying that way. In this seminar you will learn exactly what is going on and how to start moving in a different direction without overwhelm.

I don't see how I will ever be able to pull it off no matter what you say...

You are right about one thing: nobody will do the work for you. What you need to realise however, is that you simply haven;t learned how to do this (yet).

If you’re anything like most people who follow this program -and I bet you are if you are still reading this- than what you have been doing so far, is trying to bake a cake while reading a recipe for chicken soup. You feel disappointed that you still haven’t been able to present the world with your cake. I mean, come on: I have a recipe, I have all the ingredients, I am doing the best I can, I have tried xx times’.

So by now you probably feel exhausted, ashamed, drained, and maybe even angry and desperate.
In this program you will learn the recipe to put it all together. In module 5 you will create YOUR plan. YOUR recipe. Leading to YOUR results.

I don't think it's necessary to change. I mean, compromise is just part of life in this phase ...

If you like your compromises and your life, then feel free to stick with them. But know that -although everyone around you is living that way- that still doesn’t prove it to be true. I don’t live that way. And I know hundreds or even thousands of people who don’t.

So if you want to, you CAN get out of the rat race you are in. And it is a lot easier than you think. But you need to WANT it.

In my area of business it just works this way, I can't change the game, I will just have to cope ...

Many of us let the world tell us how we should and how we should not live. What rules apply, and which don’t apply. As long as you are happy with the rules you’re living by, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you are struggling, you need to know this: you can only see around you what you believe in yourself. As soon as you start believing in different rules, you will start to see all kinds of people living by those rules.
In these two days you will learn how to bend the rules so you can command harmony without compromise.

Even if I've overcome the previous 7 reasons for Resistance, I don't really feel it's possible to double my income and triple my time-off by 'just' changing my thought patterns ...

Pray that your closest competitors feel the same way so you can quickly and almost effortlessly gain an instant edge over them. I mean it!

What days are the coaching sessions and when does the new group start?

A new group starts 4 times per year. Coaching is on a Zoom call, every 14 days, generally on Wednesday, 3-5 pm Central European Time. This time covers most time zones conveniently.

Click this link to see the 2020 GROUP COACHING CALENDAR.

What happens if I can’t make it live to a call?

No problem. Within 48 hours of each call the recording will be ready for you in the Course Area. You will have access to these recordings for a full year. After that year we are obliged by our privacy policy to remove these recordings. You can always write your q’s or shoot a video with your q and send it to us. Suze will make sure that your question is answered during the call or in the FaceBook group (depending on if she received it in time..!) Remember though: live people do get more benefit from the calls, since she actually will be able to go a lot deeper with you when you are there.

In the full program I get two tickets to the live event, but what is the value in that if I have the course?

The live event has a lot in common with the online event, however: going through these exercises in person, in a seminar setting, always creates magical breakthroughs. And…. there is one more thing: if you look at your BodyGuard, how did you create it? Right: by the interaction with the people around you. So there is no better way of recreating a great new relationship with your BodyGuard than by surrounding yourself with people who are all on the same journey. If you want to establish this solid relationship, then do yourself a favour and use those tickets! Bring your business best friend, your spouse, your team mate, and create and surround yourself with that support!!!

I just started a program on sales and marketing and need to finish that first.

There are a TOn of great programs out there. And yes, you should finish them. But…… do this FIRST! Really. I promise. THIS is the ONE program that will create magic and leverage in all the money you have spent so far. I PROMISE. Thank me later.

I already have a great coach!

Great! Take them with you to the event! I mean it. The problem is this: most business coaches have a great mindset, but that doesn;t make them qualified to work on the deep childhood trauma’s that will actually create a shift. They base their work on that your success will shift those beliefs. And honestly: that is NOT how it works. And NOT how it generally worked for them….. Nothing wrong with what they teach, but you do need to work on YOU.

Most life coaches have a great understanding on how to work on you, exept…… they are often not the best business owners. Nothing wrong here again, except that they have not solved the issues you are dealing with business wise themselves….. So they can only take you so far.

You really need this bridge to tackle the deep stuff.

What is your guarantee?

Voluntary refunds:

(a) If you work through the first few modules of a course are not totally happy with it, then we will refund your money. Unless stated otherwise, both the Money Miracles Course and the Business Miracles Course have a 14 day money back guarantee and refund period. The Money Magnet Course has a 7 day money back guarantee and refund period. For live seminars we don’t have a money back guarantee. For live seminars, we have specific guarantees which are presented to you on purchase.

I believe in my courses and thousands of entrepreneurs have experienced fantastic growth, development and results from investing in my programs. This type of progress requires that you follow the course and do the work. You must demonstrate that you have participated in the Course by accessing course content and/or joining the Facebook community before requesting a cancellation of your course membership and refund. We may request the submission of completed worksheets, activities and exercises in considering your refund request. A change of mind does not constitute a valid reason for cancellation and request for refund. In considering your refund we may also charge an admin fee at our discretion.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to me within the defined refund period as listed above in section 6.1 (a), at [email protected]

(b) If you receive your money back you must delete every copy of the product that you have downloaded as well as copies you have placed on other devices or media.

10. If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund your money within two weeks of notice to us and the entitlement arising.

11. If you are required to return any goods, you are liable for the cost of returning those goods unless the cost is significant.

12. Your refund will be paid in the currency in which it was received by us. If you paid in a currency other than Euro, you are liable for the costs of exchange.

What if I can’t make it to the live event?

Your ticket will be valid for a whole year after the program so you can email us about other dates.

What if my partner doesn’t support me?

For years I felt that way about my husband. The problem was: I was making my success dependant upon his approval. And I have a very different way of working than he does. So of course he didn;t approve. I do things differently, and I was waiting for him to acknowledge my way. That is way too much to ask!! Really, every partner will support you if you create the inner support and certainty to actually get the results. THAT is what this program will help you achieve! So stop asking for permission from someone who can;t take that decision and start showing up as the dependable person that deep down you are! And we do have a support group for spouses so if there are any q’s just send us a message and we’ll take care of them. Lovingly!

Seriously: the work that we do in this program actually saved my marriage. Honestly!! Ask JAKKO!

Not finding the answer you are looking for? Please reach out to our support and we’ll make every effort to help you out.